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Allied Type C Close-Coupled Pumps
  • For Condensate Return
  • For Boiler Feed Services
  • For Process Applications
  • Leak-Free Mechanical Seal
  • Can be serviced without disturbing piping
  • Minimum Floor Space
  • Economical
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • For Booster Systems
  • For Hot Water Circulation
  • For Chilled Water Circulation
  • For Condenser Water Circulation

Allied type “C” close coupled centrifugal pumps are compact in design requiring minimum floor space. High overall efficiency permit low operating costs. Available variation to the standard materials of construction permit diversified applications. Piping need not be disturbed when servicing pump.

Construction Features

Casing: closed grained cast iron high strength, fully rabbeted and machined. Suction and discharge connection are standard size pipe taps

Mechanical Shaft Seal: The mechanical shaft seal permits leakless operation thereby eliminating the need for drip piping. Seal wear is compensated for automatically. Replacements, when required, are readily available and installation is simple.

Motor: Drip-proof motors of well known motor manufacturers standard NEMA construction are normally furnished. However, totally enclosed and explosion-proof motors are available. Motor bearings are sealed and factory greased for extra long trouble-free operation. Single phase fractional H.P. motors include built-in thermal overload protection. Integral H.P. and all three phase motors should be provided with magnetic starters for thermal overload protection.

Shaft: A large diameter stainless steel corrosion resistant shaft is furnished as standard , in true alignment to assure vibrationless operation.

Motor & Pump Support: A heavy close grained cast iron intermediate section with removable legs and machined rabbets maintains rigid pump and motor alignment. This section also houses the mechanical seal.

Impeller: A single suction one piece bronze construction of efficient hydraulic design. The impeller is balanced to insure quiet operation.

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